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CompCalc Overview

The CompCalc Plus is now available at the App Store for Apple devices, iPad/iPhone including Mac Computers, at the Google Play Store, for Android devices, the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 users, and now available over the internet with the release of the CompCalc AWS.

CompCalc provides current year to date figures for PD and TD with the ability to save/print/email ratings as well as present Value as well as COLA calculations for awards of Total Disability and /Life Pensions.

The CompCalc also allows the user to input average weekly wage for the calculation of PD and TD, calculating never above the maximum or below the minimum given the date of injury.

Additionally, the Rating Module allows the user to select the combined value calculation.

The CompCalc also allows the user to input unlimited PD percentages to calculate combined value.

Last, we update our support and training videos annually, insuring mastery of the CompCalc plus.

CompaCalc Features

  • Full Electronics PD Rating Module

  • Permanent Disability Calculator

  • Temporary Disability with Period Calculator

  • Life Pension with COLA/PV Calculator

  • Dependency Death Benefits

  • Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits

  • Life Expectancy Calculator

  • COLA/PV Calculator for Total Disability

  • Support & Training Videos

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CompCalc Plus Privacy Policy

All Version of the CompCalc Plus 2022, and CompCalc Windows also includes a full PD rating schedule which automatically creates a rating string adjusting the WPI given the Part of Body, Age, Occupation, and DFEC. The CompCalc also incorporates a relational database for Occupation and Part of Body making input intuitive and simple.

All Versions of the CompCalc Plus 2022 and CompCalc Windows also includes a California Workers’ Compensation Indemnity Calculator that calculates Permanent Disability, Temporary Disability, Life Pension, Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits and Death Benefits, for the given date of industrial injury.

Also, the CompCalc calculates TD liability for a given period based on the default max weekly rate for the date of industrial injury or a TD rate based on AWW manually imputed, or actual TD rate where known. The CompCalc also provides Life Expectancy given the current age and based upon the 2010 U.S. Life Table as provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. Other features also include a Date Calculator, full listing of QME/Body Codes and full access to support and training videos.

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