Record Categorization

Specializing In Record Categorization To Help Attorneys Save Time

We have informed and experienced professionals to review all records page by page and create an index list of every illness or injury found in the entire record. Our team reviews medical records, then allocate them into categories such as by Doctors/Nurses, Billing, X-Rays, Hospitalization, Diagnostic tests, etc.

Once all records are reviewed page by page, Matrix then re-sorts the pages by category and all pages are paginated and processed.

Matrix helps law firms and attorneys by searching for records you are interested in, and being able to skip entire sections that are not needed. This saves our clients valuable time and money when viewing records.

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Record Categorization Benefits

Save Valuable Time

Matrix helps attorneys save time by utilizing our knowledgeable and expert team to properly categorize legal records.

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Your Records Categorized Accurately

We help attorneys save time by reviews all records page by page, then re-sorting the pages by category. Matrix then ensures they are paginated and processed.

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Quickly Prepare For Depositions

We excel in taking complex, often multi-provider records through proven technology assisted sorting and quality control.

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Our team are experts in legal document handling and use the latest in technology to deliver only the highest standards for our clients.