Legal Copy Center Services

We are the California Attorney Support Team

For over 30 years our legal support team has provided expert legal copy center services for attorneys throughout California. Using Confidentiality, attention to detail, and discretion, our goal is to provide only the finest copying services to help our clients save time. Attorneys and their support staff have come to rely on us to fulfill their most pressing business needs. With the ever-growing pace of services needed, we are accustomed to delivering high quality copy services that can accommodate requests of all kinds, including rush jobs and last minute changes.

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Legal Copy Center Services

From process serving services to expedited document retrieval and duplication of records, we offer a wide variety of legal copy center services to help our legal clients do

  • Process Serving Services

    Providing high quality, professional services.

  • Subpoena Preparation, Notice, and Service

    Good listeners, keen eyes, excellent observation skills, analytical mind, expert research.

  • Expedited Document Retrieval

    We’ll pick up, store, protect, & deliver your files.

  • Motion to Compel

    Preparation and copy services for documents on a court order and motion to compel.

  • Declaration of Due Diligence

    Trust Matrix Document Imaging to handle all your needs relating to the declaration of due diligence.

  • Lien for Applicant Work

    No job is too small or large - we handle all of your copy services.

  • Personal Injury Cases

    Matrix helps save you time by handling all of your copy services for personal injury cases.

  • X-Ray / M.R.I. / CT Film Duplication

    Need a full range of diagnostic imaging? We can help and do it promptly to turn projects around within a 24 hour time period. We offer quality x-ray copying and duplicating services at very competitive pricing.

  • Audio/Video Duplication/ VHS to DVD

    Duplicating audio and video from VHS to DVD can be an long and time consuming task. Leave it to Matrix Document Imaging, where our expert team will do the job right.

  • Pagination of all types of documents

    Organization is key to any type of legal document. Our team will sort through all types of documents and help categorize.

  • Additional Sets of Records

    Need additional copies of records? Our expert and knowledgeable team will deliver these in a timely manner.

  • WCAB Indexing / Court Searches

    We provide access to information that helps move cases through the workers' compensation court system efficiently.

  • Multimedia Processing

    Talk to a Matrix Document Imaging team member today about our expert multimedia processing services.

  • UEF cases accepted

    Uninsured Employers Fund (UEF) cases differ greatly from typical workers comp cases. Our team will work diligently to assist in these specific cases.

  • 4 year copied records retention

    We understand the importance of keeping records, so we have a policy of keeping our copied records for atleast four years. If you need to access them, call our team and we're here to help.

  • Storage of Digitized Documents on CD-ROM or DVD

    Digitize any document readable in your specified format.

  • Crisp, Clean, High Resolution Documents

    We provide only the finest copies of document - digital imaging means clear copies of any document.

  • Available on CD or hard copy

    Whether you need your documents on a CD, or want it as a hard copy, we can assist in any format you request.

  • Copy records anywhere

    No job is too small or large - we handle all of your copy services.

  • On or off-site record scanning

    No job is too small or large - we handle all of your copy services.

  • Large Litigation Reproduction and Support

    Litigation documents can be lengthy - we're here to reproduce anything and provide support.


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Our team are experts in legal document handling and use the latest in technology to deliver only the highest standards for our clients.